Hi, I'm Ian Kettlewell.

I design and code tools and games. I often work with Rust and WebAssembly.

Presently I'm working on the building blocks for the future of software.

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A simple 3D modeling tool for the web. Built with Rust.

Bouncy Farm

A physics / puzzle game inspired by Peggle. An entry for Ludum Dare 52. Built for the web with Rust.

Last of the Sky Folk

Use your grappling hook to swing to the top of the tower and evade the giant worm! An entry for Ludum Dare 50. Built for the web with Rust.

Terrain Generator

A technical demo demonstrating the use of WebAssembly SIMD and Rust on the web.


A suite of open-source Rust libraries combined together into a 3D game engine. Runs on web, Mac, and Windows.

The Submariner

Explore the perilous depths in your submarine. An entry for Ludum Dare 48. Built for the web with macroquad and Rust.


A calming puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 46. Built for the web with Rust.

Solitairey Life

A quirky solitaire game about life. Made for Ludum Dare 44. Made with Unity.

Blueberry Bounce

A physics puzzle game with quirky writing. Won #1 in 'fun' for Ludum Dare 43. Made with Unity.

Noah's Help

A cute puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 42. 7th in 'graphics'. Made with Unity.


I implemented parts of the HoloLens / Windows Mixed Reality input stack and keyboard, prototyped input explorations, and helped ship V1.

Moxi Music

A music library app for Windows Phone / Windows with support for cloud sync.


Prototyped UI / UX for annotations on top of 3D photogrammetry as part of my internship on the PhotoSynth team. One of Microsoft's first WebGL projects.

Generative Art

Back in 2007 I got my start coding by creating generative art with the programming language 'NetLogo'.